Splint Guides For Doctors

  • Do you have patients with stable, undisplaced fractures?
  • Do you have patients with persistent deQuervains Tenosynovitis?
  • Do you have patients with mallet or trigger finger?
  • Do you have patients with first CMCJ Osteoarthritis?
  • Do you have patients with finger PIPJ dislocations?

Refer them to Gold Coast Hand Therapy for a same day service with the most experienced hand therapy team on the Gold Coast. We fabricate custom-made orthoses, which are light-weight, breathable and comfortable from a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Refer to our below guide for assistance.

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Orthosis Guide

Orthosis Name Indications For Use
Thumb Spica Orthosis


  • Scaphoid Fractures
  • First metacarpal fractures
  • First CMC OA
  • De Quervains tenosynovitis/Intersection Syndrome
  • MCPJ Fusion
Wrist Orthosis


  • Undisplaced distal radius fractures
  • Wrist extensor/flexor tenosynovitis
  • Carpal instability
  • Carpal fractures
  • Carpal ligament injuries
  • TFCC injuries
  • First CMC OA
Hand-based CMC Orthosis


  • First CMC OA
  • Gamekeepers Thumb/UCL/RCL Injuries
  • MCPJ Fusion
  • First MCPJ volar plate injuries
Ulnar Gutter Orthosis


  • 3rd, 4th and 5th Metacarpal fractures
Extensor Tendon Repair Orthosis


  • Extensor Tendon repairs
Dorsal Finger Extension Blocking Orthosis


  • Volar plate injuries
  • Finger avulsion fractures
Finger Extension Orthosis


  • Fractures or Dislocations
  • PIPJ injuries
  • Central slip injuries
Resting Orthosis


  • Hypertonicity/Stroke
  • Position of safe immobilisation – for oedema and pain control
  • Arthritis
  • PIPJ or MCPJ replacements
Dorsal Blocking Orthosis/Controlled Active Motion Orthosis


  • Flexor tendon repairs
Hand-Based Ulnar Gutter Orthosis


  • Proximal phalanx fractures
  • Metacarpal fractures
  • Digital nerve injuries